Therapy Services


Everyone goes through tough times.  The good news is there is hope!  


Your tomorrow can be better than your today.  While there are no simple answers to complex problems, you can make positive choices that can lead to a better future.


Real change – the kind that lasts – is rarely easy or quick.  Your problems probably didn’t develop overnight.  They won’t disappear overnight, either.  But you can begin – or begin again – taking the steps necessary to take back control of your life, and work toward a better tomorrow.

Individual Therapy


For all its beauty and wonder, life can also be really, really hard.  In a world full of loneliness, overwhelming demands, anxiety, and depression, life’s challenges sometimes blind you to the “big picture” of living in a way that brings deep satisfaction and joy.  


The good news is that you don't have to remain in the dark.  You can grow in your ability to identify the sources of your distress, deepen your sense of self-acceptance, discover your strengths, and get in touch with your truest values.  Most importantly, you CAN begin to live the life you were meant for.

Couples Therapy


In your heart, you know what matters most in life is loving and being loved — so when that isn’t happening in your marriage, you feel lost and hurt.


Being a couple is more than just being friends, and much more than simply having a sexual relationship.  This union is powerful and important, as shown by your commitment and desire to be a couple.  When you become a couple and fall in love, you invest part of yourselves in a new shared identity, which provides you with intimacy and safety.  Although you might not notice; it also becomes your greatest challenge.  

Happy couple
Happy family
Family Therapy


All families go through conflict at some point.  A certain degree of conflict is healthy for family growth.  The key is having  a healthy way to resolve conflict within your family and to grow from that conflict. Families that are unable to resolve the conflict, and live with on-going stress and conflict may benefit from family therapy.  Through a approach that focuses on family systems, you may gain an increased understanding of how your family functions, roles each of you play, unspoken rules, and patterns of interacting with one another.  Family counseling may create the environment for families to grow and renew their sense of connection.