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Set New Goals

Set New Goals

Keep the Relationship Fresh

Keep the Relationship Fresh

Resolve Family Conflicts

Resolve Family Conflicts

Learn to Communicate

Learn to Communicate

Enjoy Retirement Together

Enjoy Retirement Together

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Phil Greenwood

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Hi, I'm Phil Greenwood. Welcome


Relationships are essential; they are in large part what makes us human.  Your relationships with your partner or other family members have a powerful impact on the way you react to life around you. 


We all want and need the same things from our family –

  • feelings of safety,

  • feelings of being valued and accepted for who we are,

  • feelings of belonging, and

  • feelings of loving and being loved. 


With these needs in mind I help couples, families, and individuals preserve their meaningful relationships and restore them to health, and to build new relationships and nurture them to become as happy and fulfilled as possible.  Whatever your concerns may be, I consider how those concerns are influenced by and influence your relationships and life circumstances.

Choosing a therapist is a sensitive and personal decision; still, it doesn't have to be difficult.  When you come to see me, you can expect to be heard, understood, and respected and to focus on what you want to talk about and work on.  Your feelings and concerns will be respected and taken seriously.  You will be actively encouraged to make your own decisions and choices about your life.  Everybody has strengths and past successes that are hidden from them.  I can help lift the veil over those strengths so you can move forward and reach your goals.

You are looking for a happier and more fulfilling life.  The good news is that you have within you a well of resources to use to create that life.  Your search has brought you here.  I encourage you to take the next step – call me.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you discover the strengths that already lie within you.


Dr. Phil Greenwood      
What Friends and Neighbors Are Saying:

Each time I visit with Dr. Greenwood, I leave with greater hope for my future - despite how rock-bottom life would seem on paper.  And it’s not a false hope centered on a specific outcome, but rather a shift in my focus toward reality:  No matter what happens, I will be okay - if not far stronger.

M. Q., Lynchburg VA

“We have been receiving counseling from Dr. Greenwood for over six years, and we fully trust him with issues involving our family.  He provides concrete advice and solution- based counseling. His passion for healthy families and marriages comes through strongly, all the while being sure to validate each person individually.”

"Dr. Greenwood has helped guide me through some difficult times.  His advice has helped me to deal with difficult situations that I might have otherwise made more difficult on my own.  I know that I will continue to improve, and will always remember the great advice Dr. Greenwood has given me."

B. B., Lynchburg, VA

S. & E. B., Lynchburg, VA

If you’re seeking help to improve your relationships, resolve family conflict, overcome depression, or cope with loss; 

If you’re ready to achieve emotional growth and take control of your life,

Then contact Philip D Greenwood, Ph.D. today to schedule your appointment.